joyce manor has got to be one of my most favorite bands now.

Joyce Manor - Catalina Fight Song


"Sunken city by the ocean
You could teach the seventh grade
Do you think because you chose to?
You always fell in love the way you’re supposed to,
at the target inside of the mall, fear of what you weren’t exposed to.
There’s no way to keep in touch with certain people.
You wonder how long something can last.
Pretty sure most people don’t think about that.
But who the fuck is laughing now?
Sunken city by the ocean.
Car smells like hot 
Do you think because you chose to?
Do you think things are different than you think they are?
Never had a drug phase.
So you think you’re fucking miserable now?
for the Catalina fight song.
you, always.”

Modern Baseball - Your Graduation


Modern Baseball - Your Graduation  (new song off of their upcoming record “You’re Gonna Miss It All” due out February 11th via Run For Cover Records)

Jawbreaker - 09 - Jet Black

I don’t scratch so I won’t itch.
I don’t reach so I won’t miss.
I taste our last kiss.
This is the cure: the same as the symptom.
Simple and pure: break to keep fixing.
Patiently nurse, patient and nurse.
This is the part I wouldn’t show you.
The part where you say, “I don’t even know you.”
This is your cue.
Be glad it’s through.

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my city. chicago.
Joyce Manor - Falling in Love Again


Falling in Love Again // Joyce Manor

my favorite off the new album!
me every day.

me every day.

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